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James "Jim" Gruzalski (American, 1938- ) A Fine Patinated Bornze Sculpture Titled "Brave Wolf", in a brown patina. Signed: Gruzalski and Inscribed: "23 of 33". This original, intricately detailed bronze depicts the timeless physiognomy of a Cheyenne Indian wearing a wolfhead-piece. Raised on a black-stained wooden base.

Height: 20 1/2 inches (52.1 cm)

Ref.: A1334

About James Gruzalski:

From Tucson, Arizona sculptor James Gruzalski has devoted his talents to portraying historic figures, animals, and the American Indian, showing their inherent strength and spirit. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and then took classes in sculpture and industrial design at the University of Illinois.

His style is realistic, and his sensitivity in sculpting faces is recognized by medical professionals, some who hire Gruzalski to execute facial models for use in facial reconstructive surgery. He holds patents for several medical inventions and orthopedic devices.

Gruzalski is also a designer of jewelry.

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