Hans Zatzka (Austrian 1859-1945) was a well known and regarded Austrian fantasy artist whose most popular and valuable works depict figures of young maidens, angels, floral and other cheerful and warm scenes. In the past thirty years alone, the high quality and detail of his beautiful paintings have caught the attention of International collectors and art dealers alike, making his works something very sought after, which in turn has helped his artworks reach steady record high prices at auction houses worldwide.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, many of Zazka's charming works were photographed and turned into commercial and collectable postcards. Though no information about his works being exhibited in museums is currently available, most of Zatzka's works are currently in private collections and, during the years, very few have become available on the open market.

At the young age of eighteen, Zatzka joined Austria's Academy of Fine Arts under the leadership of Professor Blaas. For his fine early works, in 1880 he received The Golden Fügermedal award.

Zatzka, like many other artists of the era, traveled around Europe working and selling his art and on one of many trips to Italy, he developed a special interest in Religious themes, decorating churches with frescos as well as painting several religious scenes of Madonna's, Jesus, Saints, Angels and others. In 1885 Zatzka was commissioned to paint "The Naiad of Baden" a ceiling fresco at Kurhaus Baden. Most of Zatzka's income came from his work in religious art and special church commissions.

Numerous leading art dealers from around the world that specialize in late 19th and early 20th century European genre paintings have come to the conclusion that the painter signing his works Bernard Zatzka, Joseph Bernard or J. Bernard is almost certainly the artist Hans Zatzka. The consensus seems quite plausible when comparing works known to have been executed by Hans Zatzka together with similar works displaying the signature; Joseph Bernard, J. Bernard or Bernard Zatzka.

The charming fantasy subject matter of the young girl and cupid expressed in this painting, clearly support the consensus that they are more than likely the same person. The use of pseudonyms in the world of art is of course quite common and well documented. It was prevalent at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century particularly for those painters working under contract with specific dealers and galleries. In lieu of being limited in the amount of works they could sell under contract using their proper name, painters would often simply sign their works with a pseudonym thereby allowing them to expand their sales base while at the same time avert breaking any contractual agreements they might have with their distributors. A number of art sales databases have apparently merged the works of Joseph Bernard the French sculptor and Joseph Bernard the painter artist.

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HANS ZATZKA, Austrian (1859-1945) A Fine Oil on Canvas "In Search of Love" Depicting a standing young maiden by the lake shore giving her farewell goodbye to a departing cupid riding a sea shell and being pulled over water by a swan. Signed (l/r): H. Zatzka. Circa: 1885  Great quality! Framed.


Canvas Height: 12 1/8 inches (31 cm) 
Canvas Width: 18 1/2 inches (47 cm)

Ref: A1108

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